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Merced Stadium Project web screenshots

Merced Stadium Project | Web

Merced Stadium Project is a website to raise funds and awareness for the Merced High School Quarterback Club's goal of building an on-campus multi-purpose stadium. The custom-built HTML5 website integrates with Stripe to collect donations and uses Stripe's Checkout.js library to process payments securely without storing visitor's sensitive information.

A Familiar Content Management System

The bulk of the content of the site is pulled from a Facebook page giving the Merced High School Quarterback Club an easy and familiar way to update and control the contents of their website.

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McHenry Village web screenshots

McHenry Village | Web

When we were approached to rebuild the McHenry Village website, we realized quickly what was needed. A mobile-friendly website that allowed visitors to get to the most searched for information instantly. We excel at building shopping center websites including retail store websites. We're recognized as one of the top retail store website development companies in the Central Valley.

Easy Navigation

While designing the site, we realized the need to help visitors find what they are looking for simply by searching for it. We integrated the search bar into every page and allowed stores to be found by searching for products to help stores gain visibility.

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