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Virtual Reality

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What is VR?

Virtual reality, or VR, involves creating fully-simulated environments in which the user is immersed in the virtual world. An example would be wearing a headset and being whisked away to a forest or alien world.

Who are We?

Contrast Media Labs, also known as Immersive Media Labs, is a San Francisco based virtual reality development studio. CML helps companies use virtual reality to tell stories, share experiences and generate publicity. Virtual reality allows for a whole new kind of presence that companies are using to attract attention.

What We Do?

We provide companies with custom-built virtual reality experiences, apps and games. We work from beginning to end with companies brainstorming, designing and building virtual reality experiences that can be used anywhere a laptop can go.


Can VR or AR help my business?

Virtual reality and augmented reality can help a large variety of businesses spanning across many industries. At the heart of the technology is immersion and story-telling. These technologies allow your marketing department to reach plateaus you could only dream of years ago.

I am in “X” industry, can VR or AR really apply to me?

We're always asked how virtual reality or augmented reality would benefit a "regular" business. Some of the most moving experiences come from benign, unexpected beginnings. Non-profits looking to tell a more immersive story or companies trying to solve difficult-to-imagine problems that need to be visualized. VR / AR can help convey the messages in a much more compelling way as it provides the very important presence that other media forms lack. The viewer can really feel the story.

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