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Enterprise XR Training / Simulation

Utilizing XR, including AR, VR and MR, for training and education is nothing new - there are reports of companies like The Boeing Company utilizing VR for visualization as far back as the 1980's.

VR, or virtual realilty, allows for environments that are fully simulated which is helpful when your training needs to be conducted off-site / difficult to reach areas.

MR, or mixed reality, can be a very powerful training tool due to the fact that real objects can be integrated into the training exercises. Instead of simulating an object in the trainee's hands, we can localize and augment the real, physical object in the trainee's hand. There are many ways to convert your existing training to XR and the specific technology should be selected to optimize the best training outcomes.


Educational experiences can range from high-level overviews that show a workflow or lifecycle to in-depth documentation for a product. Retention of information has shown to be improved in trainees using XR training in educational settings (ArborXR). Learn how to bring XR to your educational training documents by reaching out to us.


MR, or mixed reality, as well AR (augmented reality) work particularly great for instructional training. Instructional training which includes steps or a workflow become much easier to master when the trainee can be immersed in the training environment. Companies such as Toyota have been using MR headsets to train mechanics faster on engine disassembly among other tasks. Get your employees or students learning faster and experiencing better retention by finding out how XR training could benefit your organization.


More and more companies are realizing the potential that creating and maintaining digital twins of the organization's most valuable resources can have a significant effect on the bottom line. Digital twins alone are not enough though, creating and running simulations on those digital twins is how to lower costs in manufacturing or producing with raw materials. Let us help you find the goals you need help with and then we will connect with the relevant subject matter experts to replicate the conditions needed to get accurate results. Simulation has been closely tied to XR, especially virtual reality, due to the powerful immersive effect virtual reality has which allows for simulations that include the user interacting with the simulation.

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